Being the New Girl

No this isn’t a blog about New Girl the TV show featuring Zoe Deschanel. How to survive your first week in a new job. I’m two weeks into my new job. Though I’ve been a new girl before it’s still terrifying nervous walking in. I thought I would share some tips, I’ve been told:

Dress confidently. When walking into a new office, where something you feel comfortable with. If you feel fabulous it will portray confidence. Obviously be careful how you dress, as first impressions count. Take note of what people wear, this will help with wardrobe choices. Remember this will take some time. Ask questions of what you can and can’t wear. 

Office culture. Every office has a different way on how it works and operates. Not just business, but how the office works. If you need cover on phones, when can you take lunch, if everyone arrives on time or early?

Food and drink. Making a cup of tea, buying some biscuits goes a long way. I am hopeless at doing this, so I set reminders on my phone. Offer to do this and your new work colleagues will appreciate it.

Be on time. It goes without saying especially when you want to make a good first impression. Plan to get there early, grab a coffee or what? Just don’t be late!

Be prepared. Packing a handbag make sure you have the classics, make up, deodorant, money, ID, mobile and anything else to help you through the day. Remember to pack stationary, like a new notepad, pens and highlighters.

Ask the right questions. Ask the right questions, remember your new and you might not know. Take note on the answer so you don’t have to ask again.

Give yourself time. Yourself is the hardest critic, but remember, you absolutely need to give yourself time to find your place within the dynamic, to learn the culture and to know who’s who. Learn as you go along, take a few mental notes and keep an open mind. Settling into a new role will always demand patience and effort – but at the end of the day it will be entirely worth it.

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