Infused Water

At Dad’s his wife Michelle buys coconut water. Personally, I wasn’t fussed by it and didn’t like the taste of it. Recently I have been trying to be healthy and drink more water. I bought a bottle from Disney each night I have been filling it with different fruits, filling it with water and leaving it in the fridge overnight. When going into work the next morning I have something refreshing to drink. As it has flavour I am likely to drink more of it. I don’t drink much water due to it having no flavour. Since starting this I have found I have been drinking more.

2016-06-12 13.25.31

I thought I would share some of the ones I have been drinking.

Cucumber, Mint and  Lime. Slices of cucumber, slices of half a lime and sprigs of mint mixed together with water. I found this one to have the most flavour compared to others.

Cucumber, Lime, Strawberry and Mint. Slices of cucumber, chopped up strawberry, slices of lime and sprigs of mint.So I added strawberry, but it’s worked!

Lime, Ginger and Mint. Slices of lime, sprigs of mint and slices of ginger cut up. I added more ginger into this one as I found it less gingery.

Lime, Kiwi, Mint and Coconut Water. Slices of lime, kiwi chopped up, sprigs of mint and coconut water. I’m not a big fan of coconut water, but putting a little at the bottom topped up with water is delicious.

I’m definitely going to be trying and finding more recipes. The best place to find is on Pinterest where I’ve already created a new board filled with recipes.

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