Restaurant Review: Yo Sushi! Windsor

Working in Windsor there are far too many temptations to go out for lunch each day. When invited out to lunch to YO Sushi! I couldn’t say no. I’ve been to YO Sushi! in the past with my Dad and Michelle in London, with mum in Newcastle, Manchester Trafford Centre after a day of shopping and at London Heathrow Airport.

I love sushi, have done for a very long time loving all the different kinds. Since going to the different ones I’ve been introduced to new dishes. It’s also quick service, you don’t have to wait for your food to be cooked, as it’s there in front of you. Unless you purchase something on the menu which isn’t on the conveyor belt.


When sat in the Windsor’s restaurant, I soon realised how easy it is to spend a lot of money. Ordering things like the edamame beans, seaweed salad, salmon and avocado roll and salmon sashimi and a green tea. I was gobsmacked it came out nearly at £15.Whilst sat talking away, I realised that this was normal price for what we ordered. I love sushi but I really have to remember to look at the price of each plate before ordering the dishes.


Visiting the restaurant after a whilst of not going. I think I would think twice about going back again in a hurry. I think sushi is popular to eat, I love the variety of different dishes you can get, the tastes and flavours. I think after experiencing others like Bento or Misugo which are both in Windsor, I won’t be returning back to YO Sushi! in a hurry. I think for the amount of food you get and price of it. It’s  just not worth it and prefer to go somewhere  else.


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