What to bring to a job interview?

When offered a job interview, you will be sent an email / letter confirmation about the interview. In this letter it will tell you the important details, like the date and time of the interview, the address of where it will be, the person who will interview you and what you need to take.

Some job companies have asked me in the past to do presentations or to bring in samples of previous work. This gives you time to work on the presentation, to get it perfected i.e. the speech, the slides and topic of knowledge to answer any questions. Here are some must haves and some essentials.

Must haves:

A tank of petrol / train ticket / bus ticket. I’ve been in the situation where I have filled up the car with petrol and have spilt petrol. So lesson learnt, I fill up the day before. I’ve gone into London and have benefited buying the train ticket day before. Make sure you know your car registration number plate.

Map and directions. You need to know where you’re going. If using your phone, I screenshot the map if I can’t pick up WiFi.

Interviewer name and time of interview. When walking into a company, I always take the email / letter confirmation with me. As it proves to the company you should be here.

Identification. You may need to prove who you are etc.

Print off you CV and cover letter. Yes you have sent this to them but it’s handy to have a copy.

Questions to ask you interviewer. Researching companies means you can ask more unique questions, like projects they have done or things relating to the job interview.

Copy of the job description. I always read this just before going in and it helps. I write down the main points too.

Notepad and pen. Always nice to have. I have a Disney one due to it’s fun and show’s of my personality.

Nice to have items:

Mobile phone. I can’t live without my phone, but I ALWAYS turn it off when interviewing.

Bottle of water. You never know when you get a dry throat and it’s always safe to have one.

Mints. I always have a soft mint just before I walk in as I’m self conscious about my breath.

Make up/ perfume /deodorant. If on an all day interview this comes in very handy.

Remember don’t have an overflowing handbag. Take the essential items. If you can leave things in your car. I know this cannot be the case every time, but it does work, promise. Two things you should always have when going.

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