Mary Berry’s Cherry Bundt Cake

I wanted to bake a cake for my Dad and Michelle returning back off holiday. That weekend it was Father’s Day, so I wanted something a bit special. Flicking through recipes, choosing what type to make, I decided to for a fruit based one. Having made the Cherry Bundt Cake before, I thought it would be perfect for the occasion.


This cake appeared on BBC 2 Great British Bake Off, as a technical bake in series 12. The amateur bakers were given a recipe with no cooking time or instruction on how to make the sponge.The bakers made the cake however a lot of the cherries sunk to the bottom due to not been covered in flour. The secret insiders tip to the recipe.

Reading the recipe and tips on BBC Good Food website, people wrote that using fresh cherries can make a difference. Following the same process of covering in flour, you first cover them in icing sugar and water. It helps them to get a sticky coating which helps them to keep a float in the cake.

2016-06-19 16.46.03.jpg

I have to admit that making icing is not my strong thing. I get it from my sister, Sarah who is also hopeless at making icing too. However I think it came out rather well.I chopped pistachios, put on cherries on the top. I left the icing to dry before putting the toppings on.

Overall opinion, the cake went down well, it got eaten. Looked fab when it was cut into. I will definitely make it again for another occasion. Easy to make and looks effective. Everything I want when cake baking.

2016-06-20 19.55.33

2 Comments on “Mary Berry’s Cherry Bundt Cake

  1. This cake couldn’t have tasted any better if Mary Berry herself had baked it. Looking forward to the next one!


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