Sensations, Woking Leisure Centre

This is not a restaurant review. This is a room review.

Last week I got a text off my sister, asking me if I was free on Saturday morning to spend some time with her and my nephews. As an auntie, I jump at any chance to spend time with my nephews.

Sarah chose the sensation room, in Woking Leisure Centre as it would mean my youngest nephew Eoin could enjoy it as well as Joshua. Sensation room is a multi-sensory room, with multi-colour bubble tube, touch sensitive walls, fibre optics, interactive lights and much more. The room had calming music, low lighting, peaceful and safe for Joshua to run around and Eoin to play too.

I had Eoin between my legs and he was mesmerised by the multi-colour bubble tube, changing colour and the bubbles. Josh loved changing the colour of it, running up and down to it. He sat for ages watching the bubbles whilst having a snack. Even I felt a lot more relaxed, anyone with Fibromyalgia you know light can help you.

Other activities included the changing projector on the wall, we had stars and the midnight sky. A wall with hand prints on and when you touch them they sound out a noise. Joshua was unsure, but I think ts because he couldn’t tell where the noises came from. There was a light writing wall, which is like a glow in the dark etch-a-sketch. Fibre optic rope lights, colour panel on the wall and mirrors as well. For the hour, the room costed £5.50 and we had it to ourselves.

Coming out I felt relaxed and calm myself. If I could book it and go down myself, I would honestly do it. After we left, Eoin was exhausted and fell straight to sleep. Josh stayed awake to go on the swings and run around in the park before crashing out on his way home.

I honestly see why there important to children with learning difficulty and how they can benefit them. I’ve looked into doing light therapy in the past, but after experiencing this and how relaxed I felt afterwards I would honestly love to do it again. So big thanks to Sarah, Joshua and Eoin for letting me come along. Next time you go, don’t forget me!

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