My o2 Priority Fail!

On Monday’s, o2 and Boots are working together to give all o2 customers the chance to get lunch for £1. Having done this twice before now, I’ve always been served and given the opportunity to buy my meal deal as it expired in the que whilst waiting to be served.

Today I was not so lucky…..

At the tills there was four workers, my two work colleagues got served with codes which had expired and paid for their £1 meal deals.

The man who served me, first of all apologised for the wait in the que and put my items through. When I showed him that my o2 priority code expired, he informed me I could not receive the deal. When asked why he said I should have made him aware of this whilst in the que and we cannot put through the deal without an active code. Unaware of this and not experiencing this before I was shocked.He then insisted I paid the £3.29 for the meal deal whilst others were paying £1 with an expired code. As I walked away and didn’t pay for the deal. I heard others in the que having the same issue with him and one lady commenting she had that problem last week.

In order to get this deal, you have to get the code waiting at the door, where you see others doing the same. Boots free WiFi does not work and you cannot get connected. Once in you have no time to make a decision over your meal deal, whilst fighting with others due to popularity of the deal. Stand in a que full of people trying to do the same thing in 5mins. I would understand if you went around the shop taking forever choosing the meal deal. I didn’t as I had to get back to the office.

I’m disappointed in Boots and outraged that I was typecast as a customer not receiving the same customer service and the deal as others around me. My code expired due to the slowness of the cashiers, if they’ve had more staff on I would have got it with no problems.

2016-07-04 13.12.01.jpg

The que in boots to be served by a cashier… this goes all the way to the makeup counters!

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