Film Review: Absoloutely Fabulous: The Movie

On Thursday night, myself and two of the girls from work went to see Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. Hearing friends and reviews having mixed emotions about the movie. I was intrigued to go watch and have my own opinion about it. The only thing I knew was, Emma Bunton was in it as it was mentioned on Heart Radio breakfast show.

Before going to the cinema, I decided to binge watch the series, to remind myself of the characters and story lines. I’m glad I decided to do this. As it helped watching this 90mins film about Edina knocking Kate Moss over into the Thames. The ridiculous wedding scene of where Patsy marries and pretends to be a man.

The movie did get the essence of the show right and the characters coming back replaying them were superb. As Saffron and Bubble were just as annoying in the movie as the show. I think some of the best performances was Saffron’s daughter Lola and Chris Colfer, Glee’s Kurt as the hairdresser. Rylan Clark as an air stewardess with Rebel Wilson. I did think Emma Bunton was funny and one of the better cameo. Some like Graham Norton, Jeremy Paxman, Jerry Hall, Lulu and Stella Mccartney parts were just not worth it and to me made the film longer in my opinion.

I think overall I wouldn’t rush out to go buy it on DVD or anxiously wait for it to appear on Netflix. I think some of the cameo parts were funny, but far too many.

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