Food Festival: British Food Festival

Travelling in and out of Windsor I see a lot of advertisements for events happening in the area. I spotted the British Food Festival been advertised. Checking the website I was appealed, when telling my Dad and Michelle we decided to go.

Arriving inside Windsor Racecourse there was a less cars then I expected. No ques to get in. When through the ticket barrier, the area was quiet with not many people walking around. I think this was because the weather forecast was poor and it was currently rainy.

Moving around we were told there was a chef demonstration with Adam Simmonds from the Great British Menu. He cooked salmon with a fennel salad and new potatoes whilst talking about his chef background.

There was the usual cheese, meats and chutney stalls with a pie stall, ice-cream and cake stalls. There was lots of alcohol ones inc beer, cider, sloe gin and pimms. Two companies who caught my attention was one selling milk curd vodka (no different to regular vodka) and Wagu Yorkshire who had a disappointment range of products on sale. One quirky company Brocklebey’s pies, said they were selling penguin pie which ended up being smoked salmon.

The show was disappointing, whilst walking around we overheard it was the first one they had run. Obviously it has a few kinks to work out, one being charging people £12 per ticket for not a lot.

I think once people know about and companies it will organically grow. However for a first time, I think it was alcohol heavy it needs adjusting and also why not more local companies?

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