American treats I love!

In the UK we’ve always been a fan of American imports, from shops like Toys R Us, restaurants like Pizza Hut and TGI, car companies like Corvette and supermarkets like Asda a spin off of Walmart!

We’re lucky these days as we now have Krispy Kremes, Cinnabons, Taco Bell and Papa Johns all coming to the UK in the past few years. You can now walk into your local Tesco or recently discovered Budgens to find your favourite american goodies like candy, cereal, sauces and chips (i.e. crisps!) Definitely helps when you fancy a treat or too. Like Lucky Charms for breakfast, an Oreo to go with your coffee or a milk dud when your sat chilling in front of a movie. I’ve had some treats recently so I thought I would share some of my favourites.

Lucky Charms. I lived off Lucky Charms when in Disney. It was so cheap for a huge box and it kept going for ages. I love that you can get small little pots for just £1! People think they’re not the healthiest of cereals due to the high sugar content. However they have oats in which is better for my stomach, so perfect breakfast cereal for me!

2016-07-04 08.59.47.jpg

Mini Lucky Charms pots

Mac’n’Cheese. Another staple food when I lived in Disney. When shopping in Iceland I found the frozen chorizo version by Kraft. It tastes the same to what you make out the box except it needs mixing halfway through so you don’t have blobs of macaroni in one corner.

2016-06-25 17.19.58

Mac’n’Cheese from Iceland

Oreo. When Oreo first came to the UK it was just the original, but now you can get double stuffed, golden, mini ones, ice cream tubs and ice cream sandwiches. It’s now taking over having it as a flavour in McFlurry. In the American food isles you can now get the different flavours like birthday cake, red velvet, lemon and cinnamon bun flavour.


Oreo ice cream tub and Oreo ice cream sandwich

Milk Duds. If you’ve watched the movie Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock, you will have heard Hugh Grant’s character ask for some milk duds. In America I realised that these are hard caramel and chocolate balls. At the cinema, they were always a popular choice when we went.


Milk Duds a fab movie treat!

Not forgetting the drinks……..

Mountain Dew. An luminous green colour, with a strong citrus flavour which gives you an instant sugar kick. Snapple. Different fruit flavours still drink in a glass bottle.


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