OOTD: Going to a christening

Last Sunday, I woke up early, put on a brightly coloured dress and made my way to St James’s Church for my youngest nephew christening. Though I felt the service was long, as I’m not used to it. The church makes you feel very welcomed. I’ve been there three times now, they always welcome you don’t push their religion on you. I respect people who are religious, but I’ve not had that moment where it comes in my life.

My youngest nephew Eoin, took the christening in his stride, wasn’t bothered about the water on his head or the crowds of people when walked around the church. He was amazing, I was very impressed. He’s growing up to be such a delight like his big brother Josh. On the same day, I saw him having baby porridge and rolling over onto this tummy for the first time. He’s growing up, I love his little personality and his determination.

Josh the oldest, is getting to be more independent, stubborn but sweet at the same time. He loves taking control of his eating, using cutlery and giving it a go before allowing Sarah to go anywhere near his plate. It’s fun to watch! I love how he loves to read, get’s excited over when Mr Tumble or Mike the Knight comes on. I do laugh when he get’s upset when I play with his toys. He does allow me, but he has to think about it at first, it’s funny to watch his face.

These little boys make me smile and giggle, laugh and make me determined, love them so much! Being an auntie is still the best title, I’ve ever been given!


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