OOTD: What I’ve been wearing for work?

Swapping jobs and going from one office environment to another has actually helped me with my work look. I’ve been wearing more clothes out of my wardrobe. I’ve been mix and matching too. Going from a job where you feel more confident and supported has helped too. I’ve been wearing more colourful clothing as well. I don’t know if this is because it’s summer, or the office is more relaxed with dress code. I am loving wearing bright clothing for a change.

I thought I would share some of my work looks I’ve been wearing lately.


My style for work is to look appropriate but comfortable. I don’t like turning up looking scruffy etc. I want to look clean and tidy. I don’t like skirts / dresses which are too short or tight. I get very uncomfortable about having my assets on show as well. I don’t like deep v neck tops, there’s a time and place, work ain’t one of them. I don’t like my bingo wings on too much show either, though lately I have been wearing less jackets as trying to get a tan! I think being plus size / curvy means I am just that little bit more conscious.

Two of my dresses a bright pink and a burgundy colour are skater dresses and perfect as they are plus size from New look range. The beige skirt is from Dorothy Perkins, I got years ago whilst at university, I got every colour going. The black trousers on both are my bargain ones at six pound from Matalan, they are the best ones I’ve ever had.

So here it is my update on what I’ve been wearing and what I would wear for work. I know everyone has their own taste opinion over what’s appropriate. To me I want to look / feel comfortable but make sure I’m not showing off next week’s washing like my aunt used to say.

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