Toni and Guy haircut

Having a christening and a weekend away with my friends coming up, I decided to go get my haircut. Having people say it was about time i.e. my family, I knew I had to go and get one done. I found a voucher for 20% off on my next hair cut, I love a voucher.

I rang my Woking branch, got a time slot for the morning. When walking in, it was busy with lots of customers. I was greeted by a worker, who put a hair gown on me and walked me to the area of where I was going to get my haircut.

My hairdresser Lisa came and greeted me, asked me what I wanted doing with my hair. She put her fingers through my hair and gave me her opinion. I felt this was honest and she listened to what I wanted. Afterwards she asked me if I wanted a coffee, got someone to wash my hair. Requesting not to have the back massage on was perfect for me. I didn’t get soaked when washing my hair, she was pleasant talking about how she wants a dog and looking forward to her holiday in Spain.

Going back Lisa, she spoke to me throughout cutting my hair and how I wanted it dried. She brushed my hair throughout, giving me tips to manage my hair. We went for a curly look, as she showed me how to do it. I’m not that great at curling my hair, wish I could do it better! I liked how she took a lot of weight out of my hair, which was fabulous and the best bit. I didn’t feel rushed though she did have other customers waiting for her.

Overall it costed me £40 to get my haircut. I thought for a trim was reasonable price living in the south. I felt that I got value for money with the tips and the service as well. Lisa was nice, I felt at ease with her when cutting my hair. She listened to what I wanted and asked me questions throughout the process. I’m definitely going to go back again.


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