29 things I’ve learnt before turning 30

Another birthday is coming up, this time it’s my 30th. I thought I say about the 29 things I know fore sure about being me. These may have taken me a whilst to learn, some may not be answered still but I know it is what it is. 

  1. You’ve got to be true to yourself and who you are.
  2. Don’t follow the trends, follow the things which you like.
  3. I love food, I can’t stop thinking about it, so give it up on thinking you’ll be skinny!
  4. Love being curvy, love your body as it’s how your built, it won’t change!
  5. Listen and learn from others around you inc your parents (yes they’re always right!)
  6. Don’t worry about being the mad, all the best people are!
  7. Packing light is not for me!
  8. I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.
  9. I like patriotism but not when it comes to English football fans.
  10. If they don’t want to be your friends, they’re just not worth it, so don’t waste time.
  11. Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort are not your friends!
  12. I will never have one set genre of music taste – I like it all!
  13. Follow your gut reaction it will lead you down the right path.
  14. Some people will throw you under a bus to get what they want, just ignore them, they’re not worth it and just jealous!
  15. Depression is a struggle, but getting help you will overcome it.
  16. Little kids in supermarkets who stop without thinking will always be there, you just got to be patient.
  17. Don’t worry about wasting an outfit on an insignificant day
  18. I will always choose real life documentaries over nature documentaries.
  19. I will never understand why flamingos are pink or smell!
  20. My watch will always not work and be worn the wrong way round.
  21. Heights are not for me, unless in a lift, building, plane etc.
  22. I will always give my last penny to someone else then saving it for me.
  23. If kids don’t come, I wouldn’t be disappointed!
  24. I know I’m secretly Welsh!
  25. I will always need a spare outfit in my car, as I’m guaranteed to spill food and drink down me all the time.
  26. Leaving on time means you get there when you need to and you don’t upset people.
  27. I will always love anything retro and nostalgic and reminds me of being a kid.
  28. Some days you just to have to create your own sunshine.
  29. Being an auntie is the best title, I’ve ever been given… it’s only going to get better!!



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