Why I hate painting my nails?

I’ve picked out the colour I want to paint my nails with. Taken off the old polish, done work to my cuticles, file the nails down to an even length and ready to paint. I take the paint brush out of the shaken bottle and go to paint my nails. What happens my left hand shakes and I cannot paint my nails. The only time I ever wish I was ambidextrous, is when painting my nails.

This is not something new, this has been going on for many many years. I keep calm, I put relaxing music on or a TV show which doesn’t need all my attention. I prep my nails, keep them flat and even. It happens again, I smudge the paint on my nails.

I try again……..

It happens again……….

I take off the mistakes. I leave it for a whilst and try again, finally get further. I wait and wait and wait for the paint to dry so I can move and start again. The action happens the same way. I make a mistake, I try and make it better, I take it off and I eventually get somewhere. When drying I panic I smudge or do more damage I need to try and fix. Fixing is not my strength.

I currently have my nails painted but it’s taken a long time to do it. I have to think is it worth the pain and torture? Every time I have to remind myself that practice makes perfect….

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