Film Review: Finding Dory

In 2003, aged 17 a film called Finding Nemo was realised. It’s about following a timid clownfish called Marlin search for his son called Nemo captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney. On Marlin’s rescue mission to find Nemo and bring him home he meets a fish called Dory who helps him. Thirteen years later, the movie Finding Dory the sequel tells how Dory ends up meeting Marlin and her story.

Dory suffers with short term memory loss every 10 seconds, but is a lovable character everyone falls in love with. She is on a quest to find her parents, on the way she starts remembering key things to help her on her way.

Dory meets a whole new range of characters, like a whale called Destiny, some very adorable otters, Hank a sectopaus and two gorgeous sea lions. As well as her friends Nemo, Marlin, Crush, Squirt and Mr Ray making an appearance in this movie too.

I think for me this Disney film is aimed for children, made for them, but it’s mainly for all the people who fell in love with Nemo back in 2003, me included. The film is adorable, but it definitely hit a soft spot, as I’ve been struggling with my memory. Had family issues and currently remembering important things which remind you on who you are. I love Disney, watching this movie, sends me home and makes me cry. Knowing out there that the story of Finding Nemo is put to bed, they all live happily ever after makes me feel warm and giddy inside. God bless Disney and Pixar for doing this.

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