Afternoon Tea at Caer Rhun Hall

After our trip to Comwy Castle, the girls surprised me by taking me to Caer Rhun Hall. It’s situated on 7km away from the town centre of Conwy. On driving up to the building the outside reminded me of the Richard and Emily’s home in the Gilmore Girls. This Victorian Mansion has an Edwardian theme to it, with its mix of grey and red stone walls. You cannot miss the slate roof with lots of brown wooden windows and two towers in opposite corners.

Walking into this grand mansion, we were greeted by a lady in the main hall. With Tudor panels and seating. We were shown to our private room, which had a long table set out for us. The lady spoke to us on why we were there and how they have just started to offer this service to the public.

She poured prosecco for us all, in champagne flutes. Shortly left us to settle in and quickly came back with three picnic hampers filled with food.

The first basket had sandwiches, including cheese and ham on white bread, salmon and egg on brown bread. They were cut into long rectangles, and were filled.

The second basket had scones, which came with clotted cream and jam on the side, brownies and flapjack. The brownies were chocolatey good however the flapjack was dry and not moist, hard to eat.

The third basket had mini mixed berry tartlets and mini square Victoria sponge cakes. The sponge cakes were light and fluffy and the tartlets nice and sweet.

Shortly after tea pot tea came with milk and sugar.Throughout whilst eating and drinking, she came and offered us more tea.


I loved the Afternoon tea, spending time with the girls is perfect. The lady said we could go for a walk around the south facing gardens. The garden were set over a few acres which had a lovely view of the Welsh hills. Following the path around we spotted the rose garden which took us to a small court yard and back to the car park.

I’ve been for afternoon tea, in quite a few different locations, but nothing beats how spectacular this house is. The lady said they had only start doing it, having it served in picnic baskets was quirky. I would highly recommend going here with friends and family.



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