A favorite dish with a spiral twist!

When Dad mentioned him and Michelle were out to dinner for the night. I thought straight, great lets make something nice for dinner. Now don’t get me wrong, whenever I eat at Dad’s and Michelle’s the food tastes great, with different flavours and textures and different cuisines from around the world. As I’ve not been very well lately I wanted something a little plain and simple.

I suffer with IBS so eating white pasta / bread doesn’t always agree with me. I’ve become more tolerant to it, but I still need to be careful. When walking around M&S I spotted there butternut squash noodles and decided to substitute, and see how well it works. I was shocked….

2016-08-16 18.55.11.jpg

How do you make this recipe….. here’s my version!

One. Halve the cherry tomatoes. Roughly chop the chorizo (i had strips, but cubes and chunks works too) and thinly slice the garlic. As there was olives to use up, I halved the olives.

2016-08-16 18.49.56

Two. Using the oil from the olives, add it to a pan and add the tomatoes. Soften them down with the juice bursting out. Add the garlic and cook it down. Once the tomatoes soften and all the juice burst, add the olives and chorizo. The flavour of the chorizo will help the tomatoes.

Three. If you have left over white wine add this to the pan. Let the alcohol burn off by turning the heat up and back down once it stops. This will help with the flavour.

Four. Add the Philadelphia Cheese, I put about one tablespoon, but if you want it creamier add more. Mix in together and let it simmer and thicken up, I don’t like a runny consistency so I leave it longer to thicken. Your choice on how you make it.

Five. As I was making this with butternut squash noodles, I added in the noodles to help flavour them. Before adding I followed the instructions on the packet and cooked for 2.5 minutes in the microwave to soften. Mix it together ensuring it’s all hot and serve.

I made enough for lunch for the next day, even cold it tasted great. It’s quick and easy dish to make. I love making pasta sauces with Philadelphia as it gives a great creamy taste. I think using the buttnernut squash noodles is a great alternative to pasta. It made me feel healthier when eating it, but I was still full after one portion.

Let me know what you think of this dish, if you have any suggestions I should try?

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