Trip to Conwy Castle

On the Saturday morning the girls surprised me with a trip to Conwy Castle. Conwy Castle is an old medieval castle in North Wales in the small town of Conwy on the coast.Not knowing where I was headed, we drove into the town of Conwy, I said to the girls “wouldn’t it be great to go to the castle?” A few minutes later I was there entering the castle.


Walking up a path, you reach the bottom of the castle on a hill. We stopped and looked at the view of the sea.Going further into the castle, I soon realised you would have to walk up spiral staircase to get to the next floor on where the main rooms were once. Not a fan of spiral staircases, I slowly made my way up to see a spectacular view in front of me. Conwy Castle has magical views of both the sea and the hills surrounding the castle.

When on this floor. I walked around and realised there was four more towers. Being brave, I walked up the next lot of spiral staircase, to see this magical view even more. Greeted by the girls, saying to me how could I have missed this view.

I hate hate hate spiral staircase, as I don’t like the tightness of the stairs and wearing glasses doesn’t help. Lucky for me, my friends helped me down with torches and talking to me. Even taking my Welsh flag from me which I was scared to damage. I got up and down. I really do hate them.

Another thing I have learn’t about Conwy is that they have seagulls and they are certainly not like the ones in Finding Nemo. They are evil!! If you go to Conwy beware of the seagulls.


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