What I got for my birthday?

I wouldn’t normally do this, but as it’s my 30th birthday I thought it would be perfect chance, to show some of my gifts. I totally believe what you get for your birthday shows your personality of who you are as a person. Also shows how well the people around know you too.

I got lots of cards from family and friends, two from work, one from a previous work place and some included money as well.

2016-08-20 14.54.32.jpg

My friends from uni really do know me inside and out. I love them so much, really appreciate every single gift they got me. They bought me an amazing wine glass, with glitter base, my name engraved and silhouette of Mary Poppins. They also got me a new mug which says Little Miss Selfie, if you follow me on Instagram you know I share selfies daily.They got me a princess sippy cup, which is coming in very handy for work, filling it with lucky charms each morning.

The girls know how much I love Wales, so they got me a Welsh Flag, which went all the way to France for the football match. A Wales football teddy bear, which now sits in my car with me and shot glasses. They also got me my 30 glitter glasses, balloon, decorations and a blow up walking stick.

They also got me a new photo frame to fill (I need to do this), and two new signs for my room, the friends one made me burst into tears. The unicorn sign, also came with a unicorn candle too, which smells gorgeous. I also got a minnie mouse makeup bag, scarf, and shopper bag, minion lip balm and Elsa perfume, which actually smells nice). The girls bought me my fabulous Welsh birthday cake (read here to find out more) and my Afternoon Tea at Caer Rhun Hall (read here to find out more).

My Family

Like my friends I got some amazing presents from my family. They truly spoilt me this year.

I got a beautiful necklace from Michelle. She also got me a New Look Gift Card, which I’m looking forward to spending. I also got a wipe for my phone and tablets and a book about Prince Phillip quotes. My big present from my dad was fixing my wing mirrors on my car, it’s awesome having them again, making turning in car parks, a lot easier.

My mum made me a bag made out of Mary Poppins fabric and a new coin purse for me as well. She is amazing and making things. She got me a new colouring book, as I have become a big fan of them, a kite and a 30th birthday Pandora charm. We’re going away in September, she said she has a few surprises for me.

2016-08-13 12.34.29.jpg

Sarah, Adam and the boys, got my 30 gifts for every year I was born, wow these are amazing!!!

2016-08-13 11.59.01

I got a box of lucky charms, Hershey sweets, jelly beans and Bertie sweets, milk bottles and a sweetie pizza. Gin and Lemon curd, a Fever Tree gin kit and a Kopperburg bottle and a plastic wine glass.

I got three books, including the Sound of Music scrapbook, a Latin Word books, a notebook with New York on from when we went together, Topsy and Tim book and a Hairy Biker cookbook.

I got monopoly, a pillow case with the words don’t wake the lion, beauty and the beast figurines, a CD with Shirley Basseys Hey Big Spender and Vengaboys, Vengabus is coming, a pair of socks with Pink Flamingos, as I hate them.

Sarah also managed to get me a lottery ticket, a birthday card signed by Mickey Mouse and Mary Poppins, a book where I can put pictures in it and a photo frame with Josh’s hand print and Eoin’s foot print.

I also got drinks, including procesco and champagne, a profiteroles tower, a homemade Mississippi mud pie and lunch out with people from work.

I’m feeling very lucky to have some amazing friends and family, very flattered that more friends I’ve not yet seen have gifts for me too. My 30th birthday has been amazing, I loved my gifts, they are to remind me of this time in the future.





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