Afternoon Tea at Savill Gardens

Is it pronounced scone as gone or scone as in cone?

For me it’s scone as in gone, because when it’s gone its gone.

Today I went out for Afternoon Tea with 17 of my fellow work colleagues to celebrate operation carpet completion.

Only two weeks into my new job, we had a flood. This meant the roof tiles fell, water was spouted off in lots of different directions. It was quite a mess. It officially finished, with new carpet tiles and the whole office back to normal. As a thank-you the director decided to treat the entire team to Afternoon Tea at Savill Gardens based in Windsor Great Park.


Arriving at the gardens, I didn’t know what to expect never been before. When booking for it, we went for the marquee, to make it a more private event. Arriving in the marquee there was two large round tables, with white table cloths, with team members thinking it was like the Great British Bake Off tent. This was due to the British flag bunting, flower pictures and a restored old dresser. Each place was set up for a cup of tea, a scone with clotted cream and jam and condiments to go along with the tea.


The grand old debate was brought up about which way to add your clotted cream and jam. The Devon way is clotted cream with jam on top, where the Cornwall way is jam then clotted cream. As I am more of a fan of clotted cream then the jam, the way for me is Devon.

2016-08-23 16.13.36

It’s got me thinking on which way people pronounce this bake and how they prepare it before eating it. It’s definitely a very British thing to debate this. It will go ahead forever in it’s time as long as scones are being baked.

Like other afternoon tea, the scone has a slightly warm crunchy coating, a soft middle and fruit going through. With own pot of jam and clotted cream person. The only disappointment was that the tea was not served in a teapot, served in metal teapot which can harm the flavour of the tea.

However I really enjoyed my time at Savill Garden for their Afternoon Tea. However you pronounce scone, or how you put on your clotted cream and jam. It didn’t stop me enjoying my time, getting to spend time with my team to celebrate operation carpets completed!

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