Drinks I’ve been loving in the hot weather!

There’s a bit of a heatwave going on in the UK. Everyone is complaining that it’s too hot, it’s a British thing. Working in the centre of Windsor, I have the opportunity to try a mixture of drinks to help me cool down. I thought I would share them here….

M&S Watermelon and Lime from Spirit of Summer. I have been in love with this drink since it first came out at the start of summer. The price of it, does cause me to have a how much moment each time I buy it as £2.50 per bottle. Shaking the bottle, you open it and taste it with a light refreshing taste and an unmissable taste of watermelon. I feel that this watermelon drink is not an overpowering one like others. At £2.50 a bottle, it does mean that it makes me think is it easier to make your own?


Cafe Nero, Chocolate Frappe Milkshake. On a Tuesday, o2 Priority have teamed up with Caffe Nero to give us o2 members free coffees. I have taken full advantage of this working in Windsor with two stores. The frappe latte with chocolate sprinkles is the one I love.


Plenish Water+, Blueberry, Pear and Lemon. This bottle of water, is only 17kcal per bottle. Plenish have been doing a campaign around have one bottle of this drink per day to give us enough probiotics and a healthy immune system. The taste of this is similar to Vitamin Water with a fruit flavour drink. However the cost of this was £2.29, which is outrageous and puts me off as I don’t see the real health benefits.

2016-08-25 14.38.45

7up, Mojito. Three years ago I tried Laimon fresh bottle drink is a cool refreshing drink which tastes like virgin mojito. Three years on, an social media campaign came out saying 7up have developed their own version. Buying a bottle from the local garage, I realised that it’s exactly the same as Laimon. This fizzy drink has a minty fresh taste, perfect to help cool down on a hot day.


This year I have been loving iced tea, all over again, but not just Lipton’s peach classic or Arizona’s green tea. I have been going for coffee makers, iced tea. Like Costa’s Summer Fruit Punch iced tea, which has less sweet more fruit flavour to it. Starbucks Blackberry Mojito tea which is more tea then a fruit flavour drink, which was very disappointing considering the high cost Starbucks choose to charge.Both of these cost money, I would honestly be happy with a can of Peach Ice Tea, San Bendetto. Light refreshing tasty, affordable at around £1.20 per can.


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