Five reasons to go to New York, New York….

I’m currently watching the show New York: America’s Busiest City on BBC Two. It’s explaining how Grand Central Station runs on a daily basis. It’s really interesting.

I love New York City, its an amazing city, every time you go you can have a different experience each time. I’ve been three times, each time I have had a different experience.

I thought I would share my Five reasons to go to…..

One. Broadway. One of my favourite things to do, lucky enough to say I’ve done it too. I got to see Mary Poppins on stage. There is so much choice, from comedy, to musicals, to plays, to live artistic performances and once a year show i.e. the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. One year I went to see Mary Poppins and another me, Sarah and mum went to a comedy festival.

Two. Top of the Rock / Empire State Building. I’ve done both. I love this history of the Empire State building and the fact your at the top of where the ending of Sleepless in Seattle is set. From the Top of the Rock, you get photos which include Empire State Building which is iconic to the New York skyline. Please note Top of the Rock, is based in the Rockafella Centre.

Three. Central Park. I love Central Park, not only because you can walk around and feel like you could be anywhere in the world not in the busiest city on earth. I love the areas you can go to including, the Boathouse Restaurant, the Zoo, Friedsman Carousel and Strawberry Fields. The views you can get for photos, is spectacular. In my eyes the only way to do is by Horse and Cart!

Four. Shopping. Okay, so you’re planning a trip to New York, you can’t not go shopping! There’s so much choice, style, shops you can go to, you can do it all day. Believe me I have. I think Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macys, quite simply walking up and down 5th Avenue. My three must stops are: 1. Disney Store. 2. Tiffany’s. 3. Benefit in Macys. If you’re lucky like me then you might meet Mickey in Disney Store.

Five. 9/11 Memorial Grounds. We all remember where we were on 11th September 2001, when two aeroplanes crashed into the twin towers. My first visit in 2004, we went to the huge site, which was just starting work on it. Two years later, there was a garden and three years on there was a museum and garden. I think for me, you should go show respect, take in how big the ground is, it doesn’t hit you until you see it.

Image result for 9/11 memorial

Ps: If you get the chance to go on a TV / Movie film tour, I fully recommend it!! I did the movie tour got to see the set of Coyote Ugly, Ghostbusters, Sleepless in Seattle etc. My favourite will always be Sex and the City, you get a cosmopolitan in Steve’s bar!!

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