Hello September…. Hello Pumpkin Spice Latte!

It’s officially the 1st of September. Birthday month is over, but just beginning for my mum, Josh and Adam. It’s the month I passed my driving test too. Every year September comes around, I always get excited, because fall is nearly here.

So I know this is wrong, because I wrote a blog post about being excited about summer and all the things I like to do. Nothing beats the start of fall. Here’s my reasons on why I love September.

  1. Fresh crisp nights. After hot weather at night, I’m ready for the world to cool down and be able to sleep!
  2. Pumpkin spice is everywhere! The smell and the taste is just perfect for this time of year in lattes, cookies and muffins…. it’s  getting ready to come in!
  3. Halloween / Christmas is on it’s way! Not that I’m getting excited over either of these holidays but more about the food you can only get this time of year.
  4. The warm rich colours. I love it when the trees change colour, fall colours into fashion and marketing….
  5. Socks and Scarfs! I love summer, but I miss wearing socks and scarfs.

One just for women, shaving season is nearly over!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeee!!

What’s the first thing you do on 1st September, get a  Pumpkin Spice Latte!

1st September, Starbucks launch their Pumpkin Spice Latte. Introduced to this beverage by my friend Simon on a random meet up at the Metro Centre, he bought my first one amd I’ve never looked back. This morning on my way into work, I called by my local Starbucks to get my first one of the season, sticking to the classic latte style. This year they have a frappuccino style too, which I’m looking forward to trying. Normally a treat, thinking maybe not this year….

2016-09-01 09.23.50

Either way I’m happy summer is coming to an end and welcome September with open arms!

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