Tenderstem Broccoli

I love a freebie! I love a freebie even more when it’s free food! Foodie at heart, I love discovering new products.

Working in Windsor there is constantly people on the street give free stuff. Either new drinks to try from the tea shop, free cakes coming out of the bakery, samples of Chinese food to try or fruit and vegetable samples from Marks and Spencer.

Today the company Tenderstem came to Windsor giving away free broccoli bags. Inside the bag you also got a recipe card, a chilli and a piece of garlic. The recipe card I got there was Ginger, Chilli Beef with Tenderstem Noodles. I would definitely try the recipe for a quick fix Chinese style meal.

I love tenderstem broccoli and have cooked with it a lot in the past. I find broccoli a versatile product, fit for any meal and can be adapted. It definitely works in stir fry keeping the flavour, the texture and the crunch of the vegetable. You can also cook it in a slow cook curry or stew adding it towards the end. Like roasting it to with garlic, chilli and oil in the oven or in a warm salad. I paired it with kale, sweet potato, sweetcorn and chickpea to make a warm salad, during these hot days.


Thanks Tenderstem for the sample, it was perfect to go with fishcakes tonight (no photo taken as I was too hungry!).

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