Restaurant Review: London House Restaurant (Samples)

Whilst at the Woking Food Festival this year I tried four dishes from London House restaurant. London House restaurant is based in Old Woking it cook French recipes with British ingredients. Attending last year Woking Food Festival smoked haddock beignets and bruchetta, both were delicious.

Going this year I read the menu, was intrigued by all the sliders. The staff are friendly especially head chef Ben, giving own advice on what too choose. If lucky you can try free samples whilst you wait. As a foodie lover, I love that. I got to try the smoked salmon beignets again, they were crispy with a smoked chewy texture and perfect.

I decided to try three different sliders, a salad and dessert (over two days!).

2016-09-03 12.40.55

The first slider I went for was a veal and frois gras slider. The veal was soft and melted in my mouth straight away, it had a lighter texture to beef. The frois gras was rich and beefy complimented the veal. It had a small amount of tomato relish to turn it into a rich flavourful burger.

The second slider  I went for was a lamb with mint cucumber yogurt. It was cooked to perfection, with a slight pinkness in the meat. The mint and cucumber yogurt is perfect. This wasn’t anything spectacular, but a favourite burger of mine that didn’t disappoint.


The third and final slider was the portabello mushroom and halloumi. I love mushroom burgers, but the juice does put me off, this was fine the halloumi was rubbery and hard to chew. Not the best slider out of the three and very disappointing.

2016-09-03 13.27.08


The salad I went for was a mixed tomato, watermelon, goats cheese salad with a drizzle of pesto. This was a light salad. I loved the combination of the tomatoes, the black one had the most flavour. The watermelon gave it a hard texture where the goats cheese smooth and the pesto combined it all.

The desert, was another favourite, sticky toffee pudding. A moist date sponge cake, covered in toffee sauce British dessert. This cake was very small, had a very sweet texture. I was lucky that the portion was quite small, however been a fan of this dessert I could have eaten more.


Overall I thought the dishes were tasty, except from the portabello mushroom and halloumi slider which was disappointing. I think going away, I would make the lamb slider, salad and sticky toffee pudding anytime. I would love to cook veal and frois gras, as I have never cooked either. Thanks London  House, making it possible to sample your food from this fabulous restaurant.


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