Food Festival: Woking Food Festival 2016 – Food Stalls

This time last year I attended the Woking Food Festival for the first time, I absolutely loved it. I went over two days, the first day was a quick lunch (a Greek wrap and a springbok burger) outing with my Dad and the second one we all went together. We weren’t disapointed, buying a seewead bread, tasting BBQ bacon scotch egg (definitely missed this year!) and witnessing John Whaite’s demonstration.

This year we went on the Saturday, got there about the start of lunchtime, the crowds were starting to build up with everyone trying to get something to eat. Sarah, Adam and the kids came to join us as well. I went earlier, to go see two cookery demonstrations (click here to read more) before meeting up.

Going for lunch we had lots of choice to choose from around the world, including Spanish Paella, Japanese chicken teriyaki, Indian curry Korean kimichi, a British Hog Roast bun to name a few.


Sarah and Michelle, went for a halloumi wrap, with Sarah adding lamb. Both disappointed that you only got a thinly slice of halloumi, a bit of salad and a wrap costing £6. Dad and Adam went for a sausage cob, which Josh ended up having some as well. All three were not disappointed.

I decided to go posh and went for some sample dishes from London House (click here to read more). I also picked up a beetroot and blackbean scotch egg from Tante Marie and a disappointing pistachio macaroon.

After we had lunch, it was time to start tasting / sampling food from the variety of different stalls there. It was nice to see the same stalls returning, the mixture of local and franchise companies selling products. Some favourites of mine were, the bread stall, Briscoes jellies, Snowdonia cheese, Ollo foods (curry) and Silent Pool Gin!


I felt like last year, there was a lot repetitive and not much variation of foods on offer. One being not much cake stalls, which didn’t impress my nephew Josh. There was some, but nothing fabulous on offer, he ended up having a boring carrot cake and no dessert for us adults. The food stalls had no novelty item, like the BBQ bacon scotch egg, which was hard to get as they sold out quickly last year.

Been to many food and drink festivals before, I felt like the Woking one is like a pop-up restaurant fair instead of purchasing products to take home. Having both mixed in together, meant you could easily loose spotting something delicious in the crowds.

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