Tuna Steak, Avocado Smash and Red Pepper Salsa

Cooking tuna steak, was a favourite of mine when cooking in the kitchens in Middlesbrough College. Even today, I can’t resist a tuna steak, love the freshness you get rather than in a can. I always remember that you should allow it to come to room temperature, add the season and oil to the fish then to the pan. Cook it slow, and have it like steak, so slight pink in the middle.

After a long hard day at work, been asked to cook dinner that night, spotting tuna steak on offer in Sainsburys was perfect. I remembered putting it with a spicy red pepper dressing and rice. As I was wondering around Sainsburys on my phone looking for a recipe on google I came across this one. Tuna steak, with an avocado smash and red pepper salsa, it was recommended to have it with asparagus and cous cous.

The recipe was quick and easy to follow, seasoning the steaks. Cooking down the peppers with onions, adding paprika, cumin, garlic, apple cider vinegar and chilli to make a spicy flavour but a delicious sauce to . I seared off asparagus, added hot water to cous cous grains and cooked off the steaks on a slow heat with a coriander seeds. I smashed up the avocado add a little coriander and fresh lime juice. Placed it all on a plate to make it look colourful.

This dish was light and perfect to have after a busy day at work. Tuna is a bold fish, with a hearty meat taste so it needs bold flavour to accompany it. This recipe is a tricky one due to the timing off it. I was glad I made the avocado first, partly cooked off the asparagus, cooking the peppers in a separate pan means it was easy to come together.

I love tuna steak, it’s one of my favourite fish to eat, I would definitely make this recipe again. It went down well, so it won’t be too long until I make it again.

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