Inspired by the next generation…

Inspiring. Youthful. Adventurous. Enthusiastic. Encouraging. Courage. Determination. Skillful and Marvelous.

These are just a few words I would describe some of the young people I met today from all over the UK.

I work for a charity part of my job is I get to meet young people and make sure them and their guest have a memorable day. They get invited to St James’s Palace for the day, to be presented their certificate.

I’m so lucky this is my job, not only do I work with people who inspire me. I get to meet inspiring young people who have completed an award, I wouldn’t even dream of getting. They have completed challenges, helped others, learnt something new and met others in various of circumstances. Some have done this since they were 14 years old.

If anything from today, apart from getting to visit the inside of St James Palace. I am more inspired to complete my own challenge, or in the case of completing my own Diamond Challenge.

So here I am, a 30 year old, not good at walking or expeditioning, wanting to complete my own challenge before the year is up! Looking for ideas and suggestions and something to do.

As I got told, by one young person, this is the year to complete something you’ve always wanted to do. Like them, completing a skydive for their Diamond Challenge.

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