Restaurant Review: Breakfast at Patisserie Valerie

After my night out in Liverpool (read about it here) we woke up the next morning in the need of food. We discovered a Patisserie Valerie and went for breakfast.

Arriving in as a group of thirteen, very hungover / sleepy women, we were greeted by a waiter who sorted tables out so we could sit together. He handed menus to us and attentively came back for a drinks order.


I loved how the tea came out in its own teapot, milk and saucer on a wooden tray. The coffee was strong and delicious.

Shortly after, I ordered the egg florentine, which is brioche toast, spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. As I was hungover, I needed bacon, so I ordered a side of it.


Others around me ordered a delicious looking full English, the vegetarian version which came with an omelette. I tried the mushrooms, they were delicious! I did have slight food envy by this. When a bacon, mushroom, cheese croissant, I definitely had more food envy then I’ve ever had.


Even though the food looked amazing, the service at the beginning was attentive. Bringing the food out was awful, as they brought everyone meals out at different times. I thought this was bizarre, due to the similarity of the meals.

Overall the food and drink was delicious, the price didn’t bother me as I thought it was competitive not overpriced. However the service was not great. It made us late for out next bit, catching trains and missing busses.

I would consider going back to Patisserie Valerie but not the Liverpool branch….

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