Goodbye 2016…

2016 has been a hard year, deaths, family illness, health and confidence. Not just me but for my friends and family and outside my own little bubble. Instead of ending 2016 on a low talking about all the sad times, I thought I would end postivley and share my amazing moments. So here are are my own thirty things I have loved about 2016.

  1. I spent my 30th birthday with my nephews, sister, mum, Adam, dad and Michelle and went away with the girls!
  2. Eoin was born and I got a hug straight away.
  3. I got to see Josh turn two.
  4. Me and sarah took the boys to see some tractors and sheep.
  5. I got to babysit them both all by myself – twice! 
  6. I got a massive frame to take selfies with which has my name on! 
  7. I got to attend an event with the Queen and Prince Phillip.
  8. I went to Highclere Castle.
  9. I got a birthday card signed off by Mickey Mouse and Mary Poppins.
  10. I got to see Jess marry Tom
  11. I went on Lois hen do and learn’t a dance routine to Spice Girls Wannabe
  12. I visited Ken and Woods new houses.
  13. I have been offered a permanent job with the DofE.
  14. Two amazing friends Naomi and Woods got engaged.
  15. Had a last photo in B16 and around my school.
  16. I won tickets to go see XFactor live in the studio.
  17. My blog turned one.
  18. I visited a Welsh Castle in Conway.
  19. I got a selfie with Antonio Carluccio.
  20. Emma Bunton and Jamie Theakston wished me luck on my first day at the DofE.
  21. I visited Hay-on-Wye.
  22. I went to the Guinness Stonehouse in Dublin.
  23. The doctors finally listened to me and now I am on the right track…
  24. I’ve worked with companies and still am to help with my blog.
  25. I did a Gin tasting session!
  26. I joined a gym!
  27. I got to go to do a rugby tackle
  28. I spent time with my uncle, aunt and cousins.
  29. I got tweeted back by Phillip Schofield.
  30. I climbed the o2 and completed my DofE Diamond Challenge.

    Overall you could say 2016 was a pretty awesome year… Here’s to 2017.

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