Dear 2017….

Dear 2017,

Hello and Welcome.

Leaving 2016 I had mixed emotions and couldn’t decide for me if it was a good year or not. But writing Goodbye 2016… I realised the good out weighed the bad. So what will you bring, 2017?

In less than 20 days we will have a multi millionaire turn reality tv star becoming the 45th President of USA. Next, it’s Brexit and it will become clearer on how we will leave the EU. The world we know will change like it does every year.

This year is not about others but about me!

Okay my jobs about helping / assisting other people but it’s not about that. I’m still going to be kind and helpful like my Brownowl taught me to be. It’s more making better choices which are slightly selfish.

2017 I am naming you The year of me….

The overall goal of 2017 is to stand on my own two feet. To move out. To prove to a lot of people I can live on my own. It’s been an aim for a long time and one I hope becomes a reality soon.

To make better choices financially. It’s more setting my own budget and not anyone elses and sticking to it. Be more frugal and be concious too and just keep on track.

To build my confidence up not just attacking fears but ones I shouldn’t be afraid of. Like going for a drink in a crowded bar with colleagues. Meeting new people in new situations and not doing it because I have to. Stepping out into the dating world. This might come as a shock but it does help.

To make more selfish concious decisions in work and going for goals and dreams and not just settling.

To be more mindfulness. To do things I love like cooking, blogging and exercising. To take time out and step away from social media. Don’t listen to others, if you like it, do it, watch it etc. Remember, mindfulness includes making better choices food wise and exercise.

As a reminder to me…..

Be grateful on the time you spend with Josh and Eoin. Think overall Sarah & Adam are giving up some of their time with them to allow you to spend time with them.

Like 2016, it will bring up and down moments and memories. It will test me but if anything I learn’t from last year I’m brave and strong to cope with anything. I need to remember to listen to others which are worth it and prove their worth.

2017 is going to change outside my little bubble, new presidents, leaving the EU, changing events and much much more.

This year it’s all about me. Me changing my own little world, me making wiser choices, me overcoming obstacles, me moving up the world, me becoming happier, stronger and confidennt. Me remembering to be grateful. Most importantly me standing on my own two feet.

Welcome 2017, I wonder what will be my reply to you on 31st December!

Charlotte 🙂

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