Restaurant Review: Bills Restaurant, Windsor

One morning, to be precise the morning after the Christmas lunch at work. Windsor town centre was filled with busy shoppers and restaurants looking busy. I went to meet a friend for breakfast. As we both wanted something filling, me because I was about drive up to the North East for Christmas and for them heading back into work. We looked around and decided on Bills mainly from a recommendation for a friend eating there before. Arriving in the restaurant it was quiet compared to others we looked at with some tables filled. We were seated, given menus and not asked about any drinks. As we sat there we decided on food and drinks. Staff kept walking past the table and could see the closed menus and we were eager to order. Ten minutes later we finally ordered two drinks, one fresh juice, a coffee and two breakfasts, a full bills English breakfast and avocado on toast. As we sat there, we realised that six tables round us were ordering at the same time. As we sat and talked and talked about Christmas plans, work life, family and TV no drinks arrived at the table. Being sat there nearly 245 minutes, we had only ordered our drinks and food. We asked a waitress where they are, she couldn’t give us an answer. Finally getting the drinks, they were making not our table but other tables as well bringing them out all together. As this got confusing and the waitress having no idea who ordered what it was disappointing. As I sat there I thought I would be there a long time before food. Shocking to me, it came out only few minutes after the drinks. The food arrived, the sourdough bread was delicious, the avocado was soft, but the egg on my plate was not running. The chilli and lime gave it a nice kick. Bills version of an English breakfast gave me food envy especially with tasty looking sausages. During the time we were not asked for if we wanted any sauces or new drinks or even if we were enjoying it. Sat there with empty plates and no drinks left, we wanted to get the bill and leave. As no staff member were stopping. We made the way to the exit to pay. As we got there and stood around debating to leave we eventually got asked to pay. As we said about the wait to order, drinks and food, and after service, they wouldn’t let us have a discount and blamed the busy Christmas shoppers. I would understand if it was busy but at 10:15am it wasn’t. Leaving the restaurant it was very disappointing, I could not complain about the drinks or food, but the service was awful. As I have been to the restaurant chain before in different areas, I would go again, but not back to Windsors.

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