I wish I listened…

*hands up*

My hands are raised up, this is definitely one topic I can’t lie about. Something I wouldn’t like to on here, as I like to tell the truth, the whole truth.

At school I wasn’t the popular kid, I wasn’t the one who got all the boyfriends or the teachers liked. I wasn’t the one who smoked or skived off school. I was the one who tried to fit in, how awkward it made me feel. I looked at my peers thinking, why can’t I be like you. Something I would tell myself to ignore and just be yourself.

Life outside of school wasn’t great either. I think it was the beginning of what was about to come. I now look back and think of the good times, like hitting a hockey ball into a teachers privates, my famous ginger biscuits and holding a protest in music.

There’s one thing I wish I did and that was pay more attention…. here’s why!

Geography – Okay to me geography wasn’t about learning about places but was about soil samples, earthquakes, natural disasters and watching Dante’s Peak every term. Seriously that was it. In my job, I feel like Bridget Jones in the second movie, where shes doesn’t know where Germany is? Country knowledge, I need to know about!

IT – Okay so here’s the deal with IT, computers scare me! I wanted to be put on word processing class, but instead I was put on IT. I wanted to learn how to use word, excel, powerpoint etc, not how to take a computer apart. Today I wish I knew how computers worked.  I’ve learn’t since school, about the word, excel and powerpoint.

Maths and English – Who knew how important these lessons would be in the future. I would love to be able to know big long words and be a creative writer. Writing a blog does allow this, but not like how I would want to. Be able to work out 20% off a price would be awesome to do. I am saying that since leaving algebra and linear equations have never been used since. I had the same maths teacher throughout secondary, Mr Reeve, even today I wonder if only I’d listened to him!

These are some of the lessons, I wished I listen to. On another note…

PE – I constantly tried to get out of, especially for the long cross running and the bleep test. The only things I liked playing was basketball, hockey and aerobics. I think this is because you could throw something or sit on your butt and do weights! The thought of going to PE class filled me with dread, hence why now exciting is a chore rather than something fun!!

I wouldn’t change my time at school, because I wouldn’t be where I am today. I managed to get through, but it might have been easier if I got better grades and knew what I wanted to do. Even then I doubt it would have made a difference.

Read here about going back to school las

Image result for laurence jackson school 2000

Me and my form, having a picture taken for local paper, for the collage we made behind us!


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