7 things I like to do when I’m home alone

I love a weekend in. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and socialising, spending time with family and friends. Knowing I had the house to myself, I wanted the ultimate weekend in!

Like Rory from Gilmore Girls, I too like to do washing and order a curry. I also like to make sure I do other stuff too, which has sort of come routine to me now. So, here is my seven things I love to do when I’m home alone….

1. It’s all about the blogging. I love reading blogs, I love writing blogs and more importantly getting inspired to improve my own blog.

2. Food. It’s nothing new to you, but I love food, cooking it, reading about it, watching it and eating it. I always try to try something new to eat, this time it was Ginger Chicken Udon Noddle Bowl.

3. Comfy clothing. I like nothing but puting on comfy pjs, sweat pants, hoodies, hair up, stomach out and relax.

4. TV and Movies. I love chilling out and binge watching a TV program, one episode after another getting caught up in it. I’ve recently been watching the series Californication on Netflix and High Castles on Amazon Prime.

5. Pamper session. I love a good pamper session, from getting my nails done, hair or just simply a face mask. I put my hair up and popped on a bandana, slapped on a face mask. I’m currently using the Soap and Glory The Fab Poe, face mask which I got for Christmas. I also used Heel Genius and Hand Food for my hands and feet, to give them a softer feel.

Image result for soap and glory hand food heel genius

6. Coloring in books. I love coloring books. I have three, I swap from one to another depending on my mood. I am a fan of them, they are calming and relaxing for me. Read here for my blog about them.

Related image

This might surprise people who really know me…. but….

7. Organise. So I may not be an organised person in terms of keeping my car, room etc. I like to feel organised. I think an organised mind keeps a clear mind. I write lists, whether its about future blogs, ideas I’ve had, clothes, shopping lists or things I’ve forgotten to do in work. I like to make sure my clothes are organised and rotated, yes I have a system.

There you go all the things I love to do when in alone…. What are yours? Are they the same?

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