Celebrating Chinese New Year with Sainsburys

Happy Chinese New Year!

As it is Chinese New Year, I was home alone that night I would buy some of Sainsburys oven cooked meals range. I normally go for Sainsburys My Goodness ginger udon chicken. As I got their late, I couldn’t get it. I decided to go for their chicken chow mein, prawn toast and seaweed from their Chinese meal range. I bought some Blue Dragon prawn crackers and their own sweet chili sauce.

I cooked them all in the oven on gas mark 6. It took 30 minutes to cook them all. The chow mein was £2.50, the prawn toast £2, seaweed was £1, prawn crackers £1 and sauce £1. The calories intake was 950 for the meal as an indulgence takeaway.

The Chinese chow mein was bland and had no taste to it. I’ve had similar ones, by other ranges like from Tesco and Cook, but this one is the worst of a bad bunch. You got five strips of chicken and it was heavy based on Chinese cabbage. There’s not much else, missing key things like water chestnuts, bamboo shoots etc. The flavoring was non existent and have had more flavor in a pot noodle! The instructions say to pull back the sleeve and stir it and place back in the oven. As there is no liquid in the dish the noodles stuck on the bottom of the container. I think this needs more sauce and flavor to the taste, which I know is hard to capture in ready meals, but as other brands like Tesco and Marks and Spencer can do this, why can’t they.

The prawn toast was the best of the lot. I liked the filling and the crunch of the toast. They didn’t have a typical deep fried taste. However when placing them on the baking tray and taking them off they were flimsy and it did made it harder. I think the filling matched the quantity and the taste of the chili and lemongrass came through. I think if I was to buy a takeaway, I would buy these instead of a takeaway versions. They tasted better and had a better flavor.

Anytime, me and Mum or Sarah order Chinese we get crispy seaweed. I love them. This version was awful. I’ve not had oven cooked version for a whilst, but this was greasy, tasteless, not crispy and horrible to taste.

Blue Dragon prawn crackers and sauce, are as good as ever. I like the fact their prawn crackers, are not greasy, have a crispy texture and are moreish.

I think personally, I would buy the prawn toast again, but the seaweed and chicken chow mein, I would pass up. For £2.50, the chow mein lacked flavoring and taste throughout the dish, I would opt for other brands. The seaweed I wouldn’t recommend or ever buy again. I think if it wasn’t for me buying prawn crackers, sweet chili sauce and prawn toast, I would have had a disappointing meal.

I’m shocked as I’ve had oven cooked Chinese meals before from Marks and Spencer and Tesco and not been disappointed. However tonight I am…

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