A fashion trend your loving

Day Four. A fashion trend I am loving

One trend I am loving this month is Winter Florals. I’ve always been a fan of floral patterns, from dresses to tops to skirts. The fact it can make an outfit, or bring bright colour to a dull day. I thought I would share my wardrobe and what I am loving at the moment. Some of these items I’ve had for ages and have worn lots.


The first dress is an AX Paris dress, I’ve worn this a few times and love the pencil dress feel especially on my bum. This was perfect for a christening and wedding I attended.

The second one is a wrap dress from Very, which I bought for Lois’s hen do. I love the way it wraps over me and I can depend on how it looks on my boobs.

Third dress is from Yours Clothing I bought on offer as it was reduce from £45 to £9 in sale. My stepdad got me this for my graduation as a present because I was undecided. He got it and went you’ll wear it as it flatters you. He was right as I’ve worn it heaps.


The first skirt is a pencil skirt from Matalan with black background and red and white flowers. I recently wore this to a work do with a black suit jacket, got complimented on how smart I looked.

The second skirt is an a-line skirt from George, which was £12. I bought it as I worked at a private school, needed something smart for an event we were doing. This skirt is perfect as it has an elasticated waist, knee length and the pattern is flattering.

The third skirt was a bargain sale skirt from TU clothing. I got it in January 2015 and loved it. I’ve worn it both in summer and winter pairing it with brighter top. I also love its elasticated so you can eat as much as you like on a works lunch.


All three tops I have worn lots over the summer months. The first one was a top I bought on a trip to London as it was very humid. Since I have worn it heaps esp last year with skinny jeans and a bright tank.

The second is from Matalan I got in the sale after seeing it on a haul video. I love the sleeves and the style of it however it is far too short now so i think it may have to go.

The third is from Wallis I got shopping one lunch break. I’ve worn it a lot over the past few months. I love the floaty of it and its not tight. Hides my miffin top.


The first and third kimono are from Matalan. I bought them together one summer. I love them as their light and perfect, cover my arms and easy to wear. I wear them in our office as they were light and perfect for our office style. I love how they cover my bingo wings.

The second one I got from Evans whilst at university. I wore it over a black dress and have worn it a lot since. It’s very heavy material so I found wearing a thick top underneath is too much in a pub. But on a summer’s night is perfect for when it goes colder.

So here is a trend I am loving at the moment. I love floral print clothes not just in winter but summer too. Many items I’ve had for years and wear them again each time the season comes round.

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