Being Single: 9 things to do when single

So apart from the obvious like coming off the pill, not having to shave your legs 24/7 and wearing novelty underwear.You also don’t have to share food, you can starfish in the bed, no funny looks when you want to watch the latest reality show and ordering your favourite style pizza.

I thought I would share some important things to do when single.

  1. Take time to fall back in love – you need you time, I’m a big believer in loving you before loving others.
  2. Get involved in something your passionate about – Time alone means me time, so do something you love and fully commit to it.
  3. Make new friends – use this as your chance to meet someone new.
  4. Have some girly time – spend time with the girls, drinking cocktails, piggin’ out and gossiping.
  5. Be picky – you can chose your own food, what you do and where to go. Best thing is watch what you want to watch!
  6. Be mindulful– work on you not just the inside but the outside too.Like eat pray love, you need to go on a journey to find yourself.
  7. Conect with family and friends – remember there the ones who are there single or taken. So take time and connect.
  8. Work on your career – Whether it be learn a new skill, change jobs or go down a new career path, remember to work on you.
  9. Reduce the baggage – it’s not healthy taking baagage from relationship into amother. So reduce it whatever it would be.

Whether you’ve been single for years like me or recently become single remember to take time for you.

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