Nirvana Spa

A few months ago my sister asked me if I would like to go to Nirvana Spa. So I thought I would blog about it….

We both took a very cold wintery thursday off work. We arrived, checked in by a friendly staff member who handed us bathrobes and towels. We were directed to the changing rooms told our treatroom time and on our way.

The changing rooms were clean with plenty of areas to change. There was lockers which required £1 to use after getting changed we headed to the hydro room.

A pool filled with jets, seats and a very large spacious area. Next we went onto sit in the relaxation room grabbed a complimentary soft drink which the bar had plenty of choices.

After that we headed to the flotation pool room. Where we were greated by our trained therapist who told us how to get into the pool and out again. Believe me this was more trickier then it sounded.

With the lights dimmed we were left to float for half an hour and it was quite a magical experience. The water was so warm you barely felt you were in motion at all and it was quite a surprise whenever I opened my eyes to see the night sky moving past. The current ensured no-one bumped into each other and the huge salt content means that as well as being very relaxing, the water would help with cuts and other skin ailments too.

Afterwards we were shown to a hot shower where given body washes and a weird mud hair mask. That felt wrong to have on. She advised us to sit in the steam room for a few minuites with it on.

Feeling so relaxed I was very peckish and ready for lunch. The restaurant had many tables to chose from like the all you can eat buffet. This was filled with salads of various kinds including a kale and cranberry salad, a seed and grape, butternut squash and beetroot salad. There was also an arrange of hot foods to including soup, stews and tangines. I had a very big plate of salad.

Before heading home we went to what was the quietest room in the place. It was a chrystal room, filled with heated beds and where you just relax. I loved that room would go there again any day.

I’ve been to spa before but I fully loved this one. As it was relaxing, the staff were friendly and helpful. The spa was busy but not overcrowded and you had space to move around. Looking around we spotted an older couple whom was sat in the same spot reading on their kindles. I couldn’t imagine doing this every day or week. I loved the one off chance to go. 

Thanks sis for a perfect day out!

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