Something you’re looking forward to

There are many things I’m looking forward to. Going away to the Lakes for the night. Spending the day in Buckingham Palace. Spending time with my besties from university or meeting up with school friends. Of course spending time with my nephews sister and family.

The one thing I am looking forward to is moving on with my life. Finally securing a job status. I am now taking the next step forward. Looking at standing on my own two feet and living alone or in a shared house. Nothing yet has been decided.

Moving out and standing on my own two feet does mean this…

  1. No limitation on how long to be in shower for! I love a long hot shower trying to get my joints free from pain (I will have to pay for it so maybe not too long!)
  2. Able to have a pyjama day if i want to.
  3. Able to use my waffle & ice cream maker and kitchen aid – I cannot wait!!
  4. Have friends come over.
  5. Able to stand on my own two feet making decisions and being counted as an adult.

Though I am looking forward to this… Theres things I’m going to miss…

  1. Hearing the latest story about Becky.
  2. Getting advice or help whenever I need it like dip my oil or work.
  3. Been introduced to new shows I would have never watched like Nashville or The Affair.
  4. Trying new foods and recipes. Cooking for one is not always fun and can be calorific. It’s an excuse to cook something having more people to cook for.
  5. Not having to think whats for dinner!

Here’s something I’m looking forward to but also dreading. Either way its an adventure and something I need to do and wanted to do for a long time.

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