A fashion trend your loving

Day four: A fashion trend I’m loving

I am currently loving Winter Floral fashion trend. I love florals and love wearing them. I love how it can be through a dress, skirt top or a cover up. I’ve not atempted the trouser look as of yet. So I thought I would share some of my pieces in my wardrobe to go with this trend.


Nothing beats having a new dress for an occasion or just going into work. This one from AX Paris curve. I got it in the summer for a wedding, a christening and a night out with the girls. I love how clings to my but but flattens my stomach. I don’t own many pencil skirts but this one is a favorite.

The second is from Yours clothing and a gift from my stepdad. I got it as a graduation gift. We were out shopping and I spotted it and was debating getting it. Next thing I knew he bought me it. Since then I’ve worn it heaps and love it. I love how it clings to my boobs and not to my stomach. It was a hit on a hen do last year.


In 2015 I worked in a private school. I had a school event to attend to with parents, govenors, teachers and students. I picked up this skirt from George Asda one late night shopping. It was perfect for the event as it came to knee length and was able to match with a blazer. I’ve recently wore it to a recent event at work and got complimented.

This is one of my favourites and not only is it perfect for winter but summer too. It’s another a-line knee length skirt but it’s very comfortable. I think for me I love the large flowers in it and how it can bright up a dull wintery day.


This kimono I got in university and love it. The bright colours in it is brilliant to team up with a bright colour. The material of it is thick however in summer is perfect to keep warm when sat in a beer garden. I’ve also worn it in work over a plain black dress.


I love this top and I picked up from outfit. I tend not to look at the label but more of the fit and style. This is from Wallis but I love the box style of it. How it hangs over my muffin top and covers my arms.

So here it is a trend I love, Winter Florals. I love how you can wear it in all different ways and for different occasions too. I love how you can buy a piece of clothing and in years time it will come back round in fashion. I suppose with classic pieces it will always be the same.

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