Three things you are proud of about your personality

Throughout my life I’ve always been told that I have a bubbly personality. Someone who is likable and someone who can be there to talk to. I’ve been told that I’m spontaneous, the life of a party. I’m not going to lie. I can also be moody, forgettable and I think too fast. However I think that’s the quirkyness about me and one of the things I love about me.

So here it is three things I love about being me…

One. I think too fast. I’ve always been the same since been little. I’ve always said words without thinking first.The plus side is it has meant I’ve had some comedy moments like welsh vs Latin, dinosaurs and more recently soggy chips. When thinking to fast, it does mean that when I think of something I’ve remembered I get excited want to say it then and then. Its taken me a long time to remember to keep calm. However I think this quirky element of me makes me.  

Two. Randomness. So my friends have always said that I’m random. I love things they don’t expect me too or aware of things going on. They love that I can get excited about new things and how it can be something they don’t expect me to like. I often tell them new things happening through the country too. I suppose this is me. I try not to be the same as everyone else and be my own person.

Three. Caring nature. One thing I love about my job is that I help people. Whether it’s helping people in the office, dealing with queries or just helping someone else to help someone else. I’ve always had a caring nature. I think this is something I don’t want to loose. Over the years, it has meant that I’ve been pushed over, tread on and bullied. Even though I have a caring nature, I like to help people I do stick up for myself a lot. 

Even those these are things I love about my personality. I think for me the one thing I don’t like about me is my forgetfulness and my anxiety worries about crowds, having faith in myself and letting things go. I suppose no one is perfect and this is something I am working on to improve me.

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