What I ate in a day….

As it’s Monday and this is a work day. I thought I would share a typical day of what i eat whilst in work and at home. I have a 9 to 5 job sat at a desk, so here is what I eat in a day….

Breakfast. I never ate breakfast for a long time. Even now I dont have it straight away. It makes me incredibly naucious when driving in. I blame getting up early. Typically when I get in it’s Special K Red Berries with a yoghurt and fruit on top. Below it was blackcurrant yoghurt, rhubarb and leftover blueberries. I do admit Friday does tend to be a crosiant as Dad gets the ones from Costco and they’re really good.

Drinks. I love a cup of tea. My stepdad taught me that there’s more caffeine in tea then coffee. I’m back into my flavoured waters. This one in pic is grapefruit and rosemary, I really liked the taste of it. Later during day I swap to green or fruit flavour tea and have cut out caffeine six hours before bed time.

Lunch. As I’ve said many times before working in Windsor is too tempting to go out to a restaurant. As its expensive I tend to stick and get a meal deal. My current favourite is Caribbean chicken, Hippeas puffs and sparkling peach drink which is only 12 calories.

Snacks. Yes I’m a grazer. Yes i eat when bored. Yes I know the advice from doctors. I eat healthy (ish) snacks like grapes, oranges etc. However if someone brings cake to celebrate a birthday I won’t say no. Something from there recent holiday. The latest is Bangkok cookies and Banana chips.

Dinner. So this can vary. However it can be predictable. Wednesday night is ravaioli. Monday is spag bol or risotto. Friday is fakeaway. Latest favourite is the £7 stir fry meal deal by M&S. Veg, noodles meat or fish and a sauce. We’ve had the thai and sweet chilli sauces but we had the soy and plum they taste really good. Fully recommend as a quick fix.


So there it is what i eat in a day, work version. I have to admit I dont have the healthiest diet but i do keep under 1,700 calories a day. I allow 300 days off during Sunday – Thursday to have alcohol on weekend. My food habit depends on work day and mood too.

What do you eat??

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