My Top 5 Comfort Shows

We all know that someone that can binge watch a TV series or a film over and over and never seem to get bored of it. Well, I’m that person. 

If I’m feeling completely rubbish bones are hurting, minds exhausted, needing a duvet day then I love nothing more than watching a show I’ve seen lots.

My love for Gavin and Stacey is strong. Not only because I love Wales, James Corden and Larry Lamb. I love the comedy how the show is done and the genuine relationship the characters have with each other. It’s taught me a few things too like Diolch means thank you. Lamb Pasanda is one awesome curry. Oven gloves thickness count when you buy them. You never ask what went on, on that fishing trip!! All three series are on Netflix so go check em out.

I’ve mentioned this a few time in blogs that I love Gilmore GirlsI love the character Logan and think he’s very handsome. I like the fictional place on where it is set so much I wished I lived there. I would love a Luke coffee and pancakes and do laundry and eat indian food with Rory on a night in. It’s also the series I go to if i want to laugh or cry or feel happy. As I know the episode list inside out 

I remember watching this episode about a girl going to a wedding, meeting a guy squirting ketchup and cantelope been thrown through a window over fake boobs. It ended with a beautiful butterfly quote. It was Sex and the City since then I have been obsessed with the show. I can’t count the times I have binge watched the series or have seen the films. I love Carries and Mr Big relationship and the pair of shoes he proposes with. I love how New York City takes on it’s role throughout the show. I fully recomend to go to the city and to Steve’s bar for a cosmopolitan. I love this show so much I did the tour twice and paid $12 each for a cosmopolitan in Steve’s bar.

When I first moved south I was looking after my sister, we binge watch a tv series. As it was the only thing we could do. I got hookeed on it, whilst house sitting at my dads. I binge watched the entire five series over three days. It’s now been taken off Sky+. It’s called Switched at Birth. I love the show and how they have made awareness to the deaf community. I love the show and the relationships between the characters. That Ryan from High School Musical and April from Gilmore Girls is in it. It’s about two girls learning they were switched at birth and one is deaf and other isn’t. How they build new relationships with their birth parents. One episode I recomend to watch is a full episode they did with no speaking just signing.

My fifth and final one is Downton Abbey. I have seen these episodes countless times on reruns and when they first aired. I love how Matthew and Mary fight there for love for each other. Carson is such a gentleman. Last year I was lucky enough to visit Highclere Castle the extra member of the cast. I love this show and today I wish for more episodes.

There’s nothing quite like sitting down with one of your all time favourite TV shows, laughing along to all the lines you’ve heard time and time before. Yet you still find so much comfort in them, it’s one of my go to things to do to unwind and relax.

I’d love to know if you have any comfort TV shows or if you share some of my favourites, let me know in the comments below!

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