Dear body I love you because…


Dear body I love you because…..

The thing I love most about you is your curves. I love how you shape-shift from one day to the next. It reminds me that I’m not just one shape, I shouldn’t stick to one style and I can wear what I want. I love how my lady lumps can make me feel sexy and perfect one morning and sluggish and ugly the next. This reminds me not everyone and everything is perfect in life and you shouldn’t attach onto one thing.

This ride has been a tough one fluctuating from one size to another. How I put tablets into you to make our journey even more hard. For that I apologies. But we both know it’s because of the head injury we witnessed together. For that now how I change and think differently and even how I act is different to what we once knew. We’ve been working together to try and get fit and go for new goals, although I’ve seen a slight glimpse I know we can do it. It might take us longer but we can do it.

Although I never trusted gut feeling, more recently you have proved me right in thinking I can. We both know this could be due to IBS we’ve had to battle half of our time together. I know you don’t like it when I put certain food products in you like garlic bread and baked beans. We’ve learnt together on how to cope. We’ve both learn’t valuable lessons like don’t eat marmite or drink Jack Daniels in large amounts. Doing 15 shots in a row, just causes you to throw up!

Although we may fight, I may say some hurtful words at times. I know we have a journey to go on and I couldn’t do it without you. I just got to remember to take time to rest, to exercise, to eat right, to not over exert in food and  to take breaks when driving.

So there you go a love letter to you my body and the things I love about you. We’ve been through 31 years together, I cannot wait to see what the next seven will bring, because let’s face it, we both know 37 is our scary age!

Charlotte x

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