Seven things that cross your mind a lot…

Day Nine. Seven things that cross your mind a lot…

We all worry. Some like me worry more then others which is constant. Some not all the time and some very little. I would love to be one of them who can let things go. I know where not all like this, many of us are worriers like me. I thought I would share the top seven things that cross mid a lot… I mean a lot!!

I’ve suffered with anxiety issues for a long time, however I am dealing with it, but I know deep down I will always be a worrier.

One. Money. Always on my mind… always worry about it.

Two. Being more productive. Either in work, on my blog, in my social life and exercising too. I always look to be more productive whether its 80 / 20 mins

Three. Medication. I always worry that if I am doing the right thing taking tablets and injections in me.

Four. Food. Always thinking about the next meal, things to try or just dreaming of it. Lately it’s been about freak shakes and pancakes.

Five. Career. Not just my career now, or what I am doing but what will happen next year or even five years or 10 years. Though I hate thinking like that, read here why. I do worry about it and do want to better myself and move forward with my career. I have self-doubt so I worry a lot.

Six. Being a real adult. Like I’ve said previously I’m an adult but I’m not a real adult. I worry about being a real adult, if I will ever make it. Yet, I am excited about this change, read here why.

Seven. Eight letters. Three Words. 1 Meaning. Not going to miss this one out as it crosses my mind a lot. I love the idea. But I don’t know if it will come true.

I wonder if anyone else has the same seven like me?

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