Restaurant Review: Nam Mang

I love food. I love eating it, reading about it and cooking it too. I love it all. I thought I would share my latest adventure eating out in Windsor’s Namg Kang. One of my work colleagues was leaving. To wish her a bon voyage and what better way then Korean.

Nam Kang is a 40 cover restaurant situated behind Kokoro on Peascod Street Windsor. The ambiance was quiet with only one more table in. It had traditional music and table setting with chopstick and spoon.

We decided we would have a sushi platter to start with. It had a mixture of avocado, octopus, prawns and salmon topping. It came with wasabi and ginger. Each piece was like a calafornian roll. Each piece the rice was soft and delicious and the flavour of the fish came through. I loved the fresh fish on top with new flavoring.

For mains, we went for soup, noodles and bbq. The soup was hot and had a spicy kick with a chilli paste base. The soup came with spinach, carrots, courgettes, pickled radish, beef strips and steamed rice on the side.

The noodles was udon style with lots of fresh seafood including squid rings, mussels and prawns. The dish lacked in spice bit made up in fresh succulebt fish. If going again I would definitely order this meal.

I decided to go for BBQ which was pork belly. It came out on a sizzling hot plate. With a sauce and lettuce leafs to roll the meat in. I decided to order two sides steamed spinach with a very garlic taste and aubergines cooked in oyster sauce.

The meal together was £60 including 2 bottle of beers, soft drink and food. For Windsor i thought this was reasonable. I know I could have gone for a main meal. I loved my little bits we had.

I wouldn’t rush to go back as you can get the delicious sushi from Kokoro the joining shop. I thought the ambiance was okay, attentive staff and nice food but not a favourite.

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