What if….

I have a few what if moments I think about. What if I stayed in that job? What if I accepted their apology? What if I chose another topic to study or if I stuck at one I started? What if we stayed together? What if I hadn’t made that decision? There are far too many what if moments I thought I would share my big what if…

Let me take you back to a time I was job hunting. I applied for a lot of jobs and went to a lot of interviews. One I applied for was a job working in a culinary school. Having trained as a chef I love the cooking industry and having my PGCE I wanted something in education but not directly teaching. The job sounded perfect. I was offered a start date. On condition I could get a visa and move there by start of the next term. The job was to promote the school and go on the road promoting it. Due to lack of visa, this is why I am not there… It was hard and you needed a big financial backing behind you.

At the time I was completely gutted. I wanted it a lot. Looked into every option getting the visa and financial backing. It wasn’t meant to be. I took it as a sign as I was offered another job 10 days later which I took and loved.

I often wonder what if? Would I still be there? Would I love island life or would have I left and come back? Seriously…. What if????

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