Places I want to go to….

Day Thirteen. Places I want to go to…

I’ve never made a list on here places I would love to visit. I do have a travel bug in me. But I believe like my Godmother that when you retire us the time you travel. I would love to take a year off and go… But not yet. Here are the places I would love to visit.

Japan. I would love to go this exciting country. Not just to try authentic Japanese food and try something odd. Dress up in cosplay. Wear a traditional gown. See the cherry blossom. See an active volcano or Mount Fuji. Go to Disneyland Tokyo and shop all things Japanese Disney style. Go on a bullet train. But the number one thing is to visit the Hello Kitty restaurant!

Copenhagen, Denmark. Since watching Rick Stein weekend away show and Carrie Hope Fletcher vlog. I have fallen in love with this country and I really want to go to.Copenhagen. I want to go see the Little Mermaid statue, the brightly colored houses, see the elephant gate and spend a day in Tivoli. Visit Grundtvig Church. Try the famous bakery danishes and fresh fish.

Cadiz, Spain. I’ve never been a fan of beach holidays. I get very bored. I’d prefer to have a holiday and do something. Yet again watching Rick Stein I like to visit here. It looks amazing and relaxing..

Auschwitz. I was once told everyone in life should go once. I want to go. I’ve done Anne Franks House and I think this be a similar feeling of going. 

Nappa Valley, Calafornia, USA. When I did a west coast tour, I briefly went up to the Nappa Valley. We went to three vineyards a little town and a restaurant with the most gorgeous backdrops I have ever seen. Since then I have always wanted to go back and visit it more in depth. The little towns look amazing. The amount of vineyards and tour and tastes you can explore. I know there is so much more to see and do I would love to go.

Melbourne, Australia. This has never been high on my bucket list. However I am a fan of Neighbours and would love to go see the set….

So there you are six places I would love to go visit in the world…. This will probably change as there is a lot of world to see.

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