An album you love…

Its taken three years, but finally Ed Sheeran has released his new album this month. I cannot stop listening to it when driving in my car. Keeping with the theme, this one is called Divide. His previous two albums which are scratched so much in my car, are called Adding and Multiplying.

The album Divide is now the fastest selling album by a male artist. His first two singles Castle on the Hill and Shape of You were respectably first and second in the charts. Since his albums release on 3rd March, 9 of the 16 tracks are now in the charts.

Image result for Bibia Be Ye Ye

Looking at the album before the release, I knew that he would bring out additional tracks. Able to listen to the songs beforehand I fell in love with Barcelona, so I had to buy the deluxe album.

Like Thinking Out Loud from Multiply and Lego House from Adding, Divide has How Would You Feel (Paean). Like what Ed Sheeran says I make music for women to cry and eat ice cream to, How Would You Feel (Paean) definitely has that impression on me. How can you not love it with lyrics like You are the one, girl / And you know that it’s true / I’m feeling younger / Every time that I’m alone with you.

Image result for how would you feel video ed sheeran

When he brought out Castle on the Hill and Shape of You, I fell in love with Castle on the Hill more. I think its because it is a more Ed Sheeran style song like the song Eraser too.

Listening to Ed Sheeran talking on the radio he said that the song Galloway Girl was not going to be on the album due to the Irish Sound. Lucky for us Ed fought for it, like others I think it be a hit like Sing! I love the fact that an Irish Gal falls for an English man in a pub. I have been playing this one a lot as well as Barcelona and Bibia Be Ye Ye. Bibia Be Ye Ye has a Death in Paradise feel to it.

Image result for Bibia Be Ye Ye

I personally love this album, like the other two and I am constantly playing it in my car or on YouTube.

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